"Un Dia De Estos"
ruby clouds


Storyboarded, directed, and edited this animated music video with lyrics for the band Ruby Clouds. I created this animation inspired by watercolor paintings and 16mm film. The lyrics are truly beautiful, had a great time working with Ruby Clouds.

"she's Like the sea"
house of light


Using a combination of found and band footage, I worked with the band House of Light in the creation of this dreamy music video. I was inspired by the Elvis painting series by Andy Warhol. I shot city scenes around Seattle and combined it with watery footage shot at Lake Greenlake. Truly a piece inspired by the sea.

"Old Dry Bones"
SweetKiss Momma


This video was totally inspired by Halloween, graveyards, and dancing skeletons. I had a good time animating the band Sweetkiss Momma as they progress through a rockin' graveyard show.



Check out my reel with footage from music videos, 16mm experimental animations, and more. I work with a series of digital and analog combinations- forever and always inspired by painting.